Brief CV

Dr Amanda Haste is an Anglo-French musicologist and academic translator who divides her time between France and England. From 2015 to 2022 she was adjunct faculty at the University of Aix-Marseille, where she taught in the Department of Anglophone Studies (Aix-en-Provence) and the Music Department (Aix-en-Provence and Marseille). Her monograph on Music & Identity in Twenty-First-Century Monasticism is due to be published by Routledge in 2023, and she is currently co-editing (with Linda Baines and Helen Ross) A Guide for Independent Scholars (NCIS, forthcoming 2023).

From 2015 to 2022 Dr Haste served as President of the National Coalition of Independent Scholars – a 501(c)3 not-for-profit learned society registered in the USA and with an international membership – which she now serves as Communications Officer.



2022  Qualified Member status awarded by the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, Milton Keynes

2020  Chartered Linguist status awarded by the Chartered Institute of Linguists, London

2015   Diploma in Translation (Masters level, EQF Level 7) with Merit, Chartered Institute of Linguists, London

2010   Foundation in English Language Teaching (FELT) Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test with Distinction, Anglo-Continental Language School, Bournemouth

1996   Adult & Further Education Teaching Certificate, University of Plymouth


2009    Ph.D. in musicology, University of Bristol, GB. Thesis “The role of music in twenty-first-century Anglican monasticism.”

1998      Master of Arts (with Distinction) in historical musicology, University of Exeter, GB. Dissertation: “The nineteenth-century Anglican plainchant revival.”

1996      Bachelor of Music (with Honours) 2:1, University of Exeter, GB

1987      Associate of the London College of Music in saxophone (performance diploma), London College of Music, GB

1983      Licentiate of the Guildhall School of Music in flute (teaching diploma), Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, GB


2015 – 2022  Adjunct Faculty at Aix-Marseille University (course details below)

2014 – present  Invited Lecturer (see below)

2009 – present   Freelance Translator (French-English), specialising in academic texts. Translations of books and research papers published in leading journals.

2005 – present   Independent Researcher Research interests include music and identity, authenticity, and translation studies (see publications list).

1980 – present Private Music Teaching Practice

1980 – present   Workshop leader and director (including orchestral, jazz, instruments in worship, research skills development, issues in academic translation)

1980 – 2008      Compositions published and broadcast (BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Devon, TV South West, BBC TV Devon)

Concerts of classical, jazz and traditional music

                           Director of woodwind music in schools & colleges

UNIVERSITY COURSES TAUGHT (in French and/or English)

2019-22S’exprimer et communiquer en anglais [Research skills in English]Designed and delivered to Masters students in Acoustics & Musicology
2016-18Langues musicologiques 3 – Anglais [English for Musicians and Musicologists]Designed and delivered to Y3 Music undergraduates
2016-18Langues musicologiques 2 – Anglais [English for Musicians and Musicologists]Designed and delivered to Y2 Music undergraduates
2016-18Langues musicologiques 1 – Anglais [English for Musicians and Musicologists]Designed and delivered to Y1 Music undergraduates
2016-18Anglais des affaires  [Business English]Co-designed and delivered to Y3 Applied Languages undergraduates
2016-17Musique et sciences humaines 1 Savoirs et savoir faire [English Language Skills for musicologists]Designed and delivered to Masters students in Musicology
2016-17Musique et sciences humaines 2  Traduction [Translation for musicologists]Designed and delivered to Masters students in Musicology
2015-16Pratique de la traduction [Practical Translation]Designed and delivered to Y3 Applied Languages undergraduates
2015-16Traduction littéraire [Literary Translation]Delivered to Y2 Applied Languages undergraduates


Mar 2021   ‘Refocusing Music & Identity: Challenges of Creating a Monograph from a Musicological Thesis.’ Presented at Quick-Fire Alt-Conference, Forum for Independent Research Endeavours (UK). Online.

May 2020 ‘Dead to the World: Negotiating the Borders between Secular and Religious Life through the Agency of Music.’ Accepted for ‘Somewhere in Between: Borders and Borderlands’ conference, London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, St. Anne’s College, University of Oxford. [COVID-19]. Presented at ‘Virtually Undisciplined: Learning from Female Scholarship’ Virtual Slow Conference, 20 April to 14 May 2020. Women in Academia Support Network. Online.

June 2019  ‘The British Colony in Marseille: Meeting the Challenges of Migrant Life 1850-1900.’ Making Connections, Meeting Challenges’ conference, National Coalition of Independent Scholars. University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA.

Sept 2017  ‘English as a musicological language: Translation in musical communication and musicological research.’ ‘Translation and Language Teaching’ conference, University of Maribor, Slovenia.

July 2017   ‘Educating ourselves: Learning to sing the Opus Dei.’ ‘Churches and Education’ conference,  Ecclesiastical History Society. University of Exeter, England.

May 2017  ‘A musician abroad: The linguistic pitfalls of establishing a personal identity as a musician.’  ‘Personal Identity through a Language Lens’ conference. University of Lodz, Poland.

Mar 2017  Invited lecture. ‘Instruments in Worship: Heaven or Hell?’ Anglican Chaplaincy of Marseille, France.

July 2016  ‘A Haven of the British Empire: The ‘English Church’ in Marseille, 1850-1900. ‘Church and Empire conference, Ecclesiastical History Society. University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

July 2015  ‘Translating the via media monastica: Musico-textual manipulation in the creation of an Anglican monastic Daily Office and liturgy.’‘Translating Christianity’ conference, Ecclesiastical History Society. University of York, England.

June 2015 ‘How not to lose it in translation: Translating and glossing source material in academic publication. ‘Traditions and Transitions’ conference, National Coalition of Independent Scholars. Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA.

Mar 2015    Invited lecture. ‘Instruments in Worship: Heaven or Hell?Royal School of Church Music, Paris, France.

Dec 2014   ‘Cyberchant: Medium and message in the computerised notation of newly composed monastic music.’ ‘Music and Technology’ conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology – CIM14. National Institute for Music Research, Berlin, Germany.

Aug 2014    Keynote paper. ‘Composer-nuns: Evaluation, attribution and intellectual property rights in twenty-first-century convent music.’, ‘Nuns’ Literacies’ conference (History of Women Religious). University of Glasgow, Scotland.

Mar 2014    Invited lecture. ‘To Rome or not to Rome? The challenge of Anglican monasticism explored through its music.’ Anglican Forum for Theology, Paris, France.

Oct 2013    ‘You can be as different as you want, if you’re a Sister: Music as an agent of difference in twenty-first-century convents.’ ‘Music, Gender & Difference’ conference, University of Music & Performing Arts, Vienna, Austria.

May 2013    ‘Dancing my prayer; dancing my self: Bodily expression of interiority in twenty-first-century monastic life.’ ‘Esthetics and Spirituality: Places of Interiority’ conference, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.

June 2011    ‘We are what we sing: The role of music in identity construction in modern Anglican monasticism.’ ‘Identities, Organization & Exile’ conference (History of Women Religious), University of London, England.

April 2011    ‘A third gender?: Expression of gender identity in celibate monasticism through words and music.’ ‘Contemporary Identities’ conference (Ars Identitatis), Sorbonne University, Paris, France.

Jan 2008    ‘Is it all plainchant? An exploration of instrumental music in twenty-first-century monastic communities.’ Royal Musical Association conference, University of Bristol, England.



2017   [Translated and provided editorial assistance for] The Chronicles of Nazareth (The English Convent) Bruges 1629-1793, ed. Caroline Bowden. Catholic Records Society, Records Series 87 (Woodbridge: Boydell Press).

2013   [Transcribed and translated archival material for] Convents in Exile 1600-1800, ed. Caroline Bowden (London: Pickering & Chatto).

1991    [Copy edited] Villa-Lobos, the Music: An Analysis of his Style by L.M. Peppercorn, transl. Stefan de Haan (London: Kahn & Averill).


2020    NCIS Special Research Support Grant

2019     NCIS Research Grant for research at the Bibliothèque Nationale

2018      Elizabeth Eisenstein Essay Prize – joint winner

2017      Elizabeth Eisenstein Essay Prize – shortlisted

2006    J. H. Britton Fund for Music – Musica Britannica

2005    Louise Dyer Award for research into British music

1996     Dean’s Commendation for Excellence – University of Exeter


Religion (Taylor & Francis). 1 paper reviewed (2018)

The Independent Scholar (USA). 13 papers reviewed (2015-present).

Ars Identitatis, Paris, France. 17 papers reviewed (2013-14).

Etnográfica (Centro em Rede de Investigação em Antropologia) Lisbon, Portugal. 1 paper reviewed (2013).


National Coalition of Independent Scholars, USA. 21 conference abstracts; 15 grant applications (2014-present).

Elizabeth Eisenstein Essay Prize. Chair of 2016 Review Committee. 10 papers (2016).


April 2022   Chair, NCIS webinar, “Letters, Lines and Logs: Researching Maritime History” presented by Dr Phillip Reid.

Feb 2022     Chair, NCIS webinar. “Social Media and Your Research Identity” by Dr Hannah Pethen-Barrett.

Nov 2021      Chair, NCIS webinar. “Independent Publishing,” presented by Philip Stover.

May 2021      Chair, NCIS webinar. “Chronology of a Transnational Social Movement: Japanese American A-Bomb Survivors and their Community Newspaper (RAFU SHIMPO),” presented by Dr. Gloria R. Montebruno Saller.

April 2021     Chair, NCIS webinar. “The Early 18th Century Apocalypse: How the Unforeseen Actions of a Few People Forever Changed Our World of War, Plague, and Smallpox,” by Dr Margaret DeLacy. 

July 2020    Chair “Publishing your Research” webinar for NCIS.

Sept 2020   (in French) Panellist “La Recherche indépendante  – pourquoi pas ?” Journée de la recherche indépendante, Marseille, France.

June 2019    Chair “Career Strategies for Independent Scholars” panel. NCIS ‘Making Connections, Meeting Challenges” conference, University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA, USA.

Sept 2017   Session chair (in English) at ‘Translation in Language Teaching’ conference, Maribor University, Slovenia.

July 2017    Session chair (in English) at ‘Churches & Education’ conference, Exeter University, England.

June 2015    Chair, Research Skills Workshops. NCIS ‘Traditions & Transitions’ conference, Yale University, New Haven CT, USA.

June 2015     Session chair, ‘Revisiting History’. NCIS ‘Traditions & Transitions’ conference, Yale University, New Haven CT, USA.

May 2013      Session chair, ‘Mediaeval Forms of Interiority.’ Esthetics & Spirituality conference, Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium.

April 2011      Session chair (in French) ‘Gender and Sexual Identities.’ Identités contemporaines conference, Sorbonne University, Paris, France.


All Saints et les marins: L’Histoire de l’Eglise Anglaise à Marseille. Marseille, March 2015.

All Saints and Sailors: A History of All Saints’ Anglican Chaplaincy, Marseille. Marseille [2014]. 2nd ed. June 2016;   3rd ed. Feb. 2018.

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